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in the posterior parts of the limb. That the obstructed vein or veins
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required to change it from 0.3 c.c. positive to 0.4 c.c. positive. Although
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together with absorption and elimination of the digestive products
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cites the pulse. The patient becomes exceedingly sensitive ; a noise,
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in all groups. In white female population it is highest in the age
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the so-called lung capillary pulse. Gerhardt succeeded in certain
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in the absence of any anomaly at the pulmonary orifice.
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to be an inflammation of the arteries of the arterial wall correspond-
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way by an act of severe strain in jumping. Unfortunately, the com-
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material. The first stage of the formation of clot in saccular aneu-
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cell count increased to 75. As this had happened three different times further
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this publication a more exact account of the disease was given than
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indorsed this theory. He said that the thrombi occurring in the
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hemiplegia and hemianesthesia for touch, pain and temperature and
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treatment would seem to permit of our foregoing interpretation.
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patient may experience the peculiar distress or actual pain which
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and the spinal fluid showed 2 cells and a negative Wassermann reaction with
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hemoglobin 70 per cent.; color index 1.5. A differential count gave
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treatments with salvarsanized serum in two months. The first two treatments
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A T tnbe placed between the bulb and the buret is used to empty
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TABLE 2. — Ninhydrin Tests with Normal Salt Extract of Placenta
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recommended for the use of diabetics, inasmuch as most of them present
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doubtless obstructed the flow of chyle. On the anterior aspect of
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water, and liquid extracted from the glands. On the average the
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duration in a man by Owen, 1 " 5 and in another in a woman by Mi-
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that in these cases differences of regimen and climate reduce the mor-
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had several cases in which the occurrence of dilatation, and the
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at the first glance. This rapid development occurs more frequently
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much fibrin deposit, containing relatively few proliferated cells. They all con-
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a recurrence of the pellagrous erythema accompanied by extreme weakness.
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pura and effusions of blood beneath the cuticle have been observed
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the general principle of therapy should be that which is understood
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33.3 per cent, surviving without recurrence. There was one death
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extremities, as of cold, numbness, deadness of the arm and skin,
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caries of teeth. There were severe headache, edema of the face, high-colored
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have not yet had the disease. In June, 1914, the mother, Pellagrin 939, Mrs.
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frequent spurts of turbid urine, which momentarily obscured the view in that

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