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cutting, glass polishing, etc. Self-induced lead-poisoning is generally due to

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ensue. Similarly in the case of sunstroke the temperature, in consequence

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College of Georgia, believing that the interest of the school would be

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and that the haemoglobin is proportionally diminished, while the number

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evidence of disease." Of course, in such cases, one must examine the

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fnen, above referred to, must have restricted their knowledge to tbe

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and deposition of matter, on the maters of the brain, and a derangement

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chalk, for instance, wholly neutraHzes its power; and the alkaline salt contained la Oovcr^ |

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Dr. Warner stated a number of cases of pneumonia typhodes, saccess-

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to take place at 6ve different periods between the age of 20 and 40), five

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oflf by suppuration, or, it may be, is absorbed. A slight inflammatkxi

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private letter, it is just such a document as should be published. The

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[CommunSeated for Um Boiton Medical and Surgical Journal.]

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half untwisted himself and never stirred more ; the muscles we re 'so con-

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bidly increased, or improving or restoring to healthy action any morbid

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with a very large hotel, filled with invaUds in winter. The sea-fogs are at

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of catgut originally passed under the vein. A large glass syringe is now

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can bear it, until the whole inflamed surface has been freely touched.

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The tables composed by Biches, at Amsterdam, comprise a period of

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