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served was from a spray of a two per cent, silver nitrate

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pulmonary diseases, especially pertussis, increased

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cessively on barley water, albumen water, whey, and pep-

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gical infections, including puerperal infection ; the

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to emphasize the fact. It is evident that from this

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these simulated a glandular structure. There were dis-

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Attending Paediatrist to the Sydenham Hospital, etc.

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quently the medicine is modified in its efficiency by the

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sential factor in the regulating support of vitaHty

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1. That in most accident cases no resuscitation apparatus is

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ogy of aconite, but invaluable in the enlightenment

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part of the sulcus little or not at all afifccted, here

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seven days' leave of absence from September 14, 1910,

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Russia — Orenburg, government. . . . July 24-30 116

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is extremely small, and personally I believe it to be

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5. The Diagnosis and Home Treatrnent of Scarlet Fever,

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2. The Relations between Typhoid Fever and the Biliary

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the attempt to make a diagnosis of a mental disorder on the

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ing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible

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partially resected ; both cases resulted in a vesico-

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oughs was as follows: Manhattan, 15.46; the Bronx, 15.43;

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tical data to contradict the mayor on this last propo-

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annual report, for the seven months ending September 30,

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ber of scarlet cases tabulated : the visiting of ab-

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chest and back br.t there was no evidence of any active

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Libau reports, August 28th and September 3d : During the

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ond group, or by a white precipitate of sulphur from

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jected to the palliative treatment of uterine cancer

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guest of honor. .Among those present were Dr. Elmer E.

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devolutionary evanescence and return — each period

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ences, the result of trauma, a moment consciousness

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40. Mayer. Monatsschrift fiir Ohrenheilkunde, clii, pp.

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sources enable us, the same, however, to be employed

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ber that is distorted. Nucleated reds have been ob-

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ination revealed a grouped papular syphilide on the upper

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pules, the other with a gumma ; two cases of tertiary

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tox;Emia or to some local disease of the genitals or

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healed kindly, so that in thirty days this was disposed of.

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