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described. Abnormal sensations about the head — of weight, pressure,

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dressings sticking to the surface and causing pain on removal. In such

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in which the erythematous inflammation is entirely masked by haemor-

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Figure 47, page 644, "Ventral view of male tick (Dermacentor Andersoni)

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In eczema the skin is thickened, whilst in most cases of exfoliative

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Introductory. — When a hungry dog finds himself alone in a room in

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ing in relation to this scheme of the aura, and the sequence of events.

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efficient penalty. There is scarcely a wrong which does not carry with it

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Digby, the knight whom his eulogists delighted to term "a

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limits of the scapula : in the lower limb there may be a similar distribu-

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Chelolde," Ann. de derm, et de syph. 1890. — 22. Longmore. Med.-Chir. Tr. xlvi, 1863.

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of the drug, that many observers in this country with long experience

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