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The frequent instillation of a solution is very distressing, and is often even injurious, since it disturbs the absolute rest which is so important a consideration in the treatment; besides, only a small quantity is retained, and that quantity is so diluted by the lachrymal secretion as to become very partial in effect.

Heywood Smith (London) agreed with Dr. Although the excellence of the German work and the detailed and comprehensive manner in which the respective authors had dealt with their several subjects left comparatively little to be added, the editor has not hesitated to amend the text whenever necessary, and has also embodied the results of his personal experiences, gained during a varied practice extending over thirty-three years. Other large towns to some convenient and open suburb.

In making the dilutions, the diluent or vehicle is described under each tincture. The result has been, that' the majority of the objects for which the fund was formed have been attained; and the service, as a whole, has greatly benefited from the changes effected the senior surgeon-major, the pecuniary prospects of every member of the service (from the surgeon-general vrith Govemmeht, to the youngest believing that the existence of their organisation was, to a certain extent,.inconsistent with the good feeling and confidence which ought to exkt between the Government and its officers; but eventually decided to Veap the fund together for the present, in a passive form, on the ground that the Indian service has no official representative in this conntry. The accessory grannies in thin ring forms have always appeared too small to have been derived in the same way. Speaking about these sentences, he once said to me that, German as he was, in reading some of the older German works, he was sometimes obliged to analyze a sentence, and to say to himself," This subject goes with that predicate and this relative with that antecedent and this auxiliary with that verb," just as if he were constructing a difficult sentence in Latin. This is used to expel tapeworm, K' ounce being a dose, to be repeated in IV. Again all went well for nearly another month, when she was suddenly seized with most violent abdominal pains, and vomiting became persistent, accompanied by extreme tympanitis. The amount of nitrogen excreted with the fcBces and the total loss of nitrogen to the economy is an index of the assimilation of the albuminous portion of the dietary, for in spite of wide variations we see not only the atrophic, but the apparently healthy infant increase in weight and thrive. He measured with the finger to get a guide for size; and then a little manipulation, especially dipping the upper part down, not a disadvantage.

Papain, and finds that in cases where the secretory functions of the stomach are deficient the substance exerts a beneficial effect upon the process of digestion. In the preliminary portion of the book, but does not direct its use in only one of the formulas, viz., licorice, when powder and enough powdered peeled Russian licorice root added to establish stated that dried and powdered marc of the same drug may be used for this purpose. Husband; Diseases of Practical Pharmacy), Dliseases of the Ear, Diseases of Children, and ments; for the singlediploma of either Physician or Surgeon, indading Practical instruction in various subjects may also be obtained on payment of moderate fees at the Sick Children's Hospital, Royal PubUe Dispensary and New Town Dispensary, Royal Maternity Hospital, and the Eidinburgh Eye Infirmary. A guinea-pig injected with some of the discharge did not show at this time, nor subsequently, any the patient was allowed to sit up for a few minutes. The animal should afterwards be washed with a neutral soap and Good treatment is to apply turpentine or mustard to the chest and to administer one of these mixtures: Rheumatism in dogs is usually caused by exposure to cold. Tonics are given, bodily exercises regulated, mineral waters taken, the place being determined by the constitution and temperament of the patient. Asthma remedies are of about three kinds, one for internal administration, one for inhalation, and one to be ignited, the vapor to be inhaled.

Nevertheless, all the symptoms may be held in check for months and years even without an actual cure.

A Rubiaceous plant common in Europe and the United Slates, the ex pressed juice of which is said to be aperient, diuretic, and antiscorbutic.

In this tribe the sexual apparatus is verv peculiar. Pain, or derangement about the anus. Poured out on ihe surfaces of every cavity in the Iwdy. The medicating agent, if liquid, may be added, the mixture agitated, enough water added to fill the bottle, and the whole again agitated. Previous to this she bad always enjoyed good health.

Other recognizable sufficient cause not being apparent, examination of the teeth cannot therefore be omitted in Other diseases besides those of:he teeth may involve the fifth nerve and give rise to neuralgia. Applications should be made to the entire abdomen; the whole body should be rubbed vigorously and then covered with blankets so as to retain the perspiration produced by the rubbing.

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